A new home design that stands out for its utter simplicity.

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Who livs here: Sameer & Geetishree Rout with their son and his parents
Location: Mahaveer Maple, Brookfield
Size of home: A 3BHK spanning 1,500 sq ft approx
Design team: Interior Designer Saujanya S and Project Manager Karthikeyan
Livspace service: Living room, kitchen, wardrobe and storage
Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Almost everything about urban life pushes us further away from nature. So it is refreshing to see a family make a conscious effort to keep their home as close to nature as possible. When Sameer and Geetishree Rout came to us looking for new home designs, they were clear that they wanted a earthy colour palette accented with natural greenery and plenty of open space.

Livspace interior designer Saujanya S has managed to keep the earthen theme intact in this new home design while adding interesting wall treatments and contemporary style elements. Infact, she has also retained almost all the family’s existing furniture! Take a tour to see how the new home designs panned out to create a subtle and natural home for this family.

New Home Design: Browns and Beiges
New home design_living room full view from balcony
New home design_living room full view

What stands out in the living room, in fact in the entire new home design, is the wall treatment rendered on the media wall. The wallpaper is a happy mix of light brown, beige and teal. While the design of the home is minimal, the motifs on the wallpaper are Indian. This gives the space an Indian contemporary vibe.

New home design_tv unit 1
New home design_tv unit 2

The entertainment unit is composed of laminate wall panels, base cabinets and a ladder unit that functions as shelves. In this unit, we see a mix of matt and gloss finishes; the brown laminate has a natural matt finish while the white cabinets have a high-gloss finish to brighten up the setup.

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New Home Design: The ‘Me’ Corner
New home design_me corner full
New home design_me corner close up

One of the interesting elements in the room is the ‘me’ corner by the French doors that lead up to the balcony. There is a comfy looking two-seater couch here where you can prop yourself up with cushions to sit and ruminate. The metallic mesh frame on the wall behind the couch has a creeper snaking its way through it, giving the space a touch of tranquility. All you need is a steaming mug of coffee to curl up on the couch and muse away!

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New Home Design: Dining With Grace
New home design_dining room side view
New home design_dining room full view
New home design_dining room view from living
New home design_included in dining room

The dining space is a cosy affair with a small round-shaped table that seats four. The crockery cabinet has extensive storage options to supplement the kitchen storage; the kitchen in this house is compact and Saujanya did not want to stuff it with storage.

New home design_crockery cabinet close up

The crockery cabinet uses the same matte brown laminate as the entertainment unit, bringing continuity to the living room. We loved the ceramic knobs of the cabinets as they function as ethinc accent pieces. All these elements of the new home design come together as an organic whole.

New Home Design: Caramel-coloured Kitchen
New home design_kitchen full view
New home design_kitchen corner view
New home design_kitchen hob area
New home design_kitchen wall units

The biggest challenge for the designer was the compact size of its kitchen. While the home is a spacious one, the kitchen is only less than 60 sq ft. Hence, the designer has used an interesting caramel-coloured laminate for the kitchen and matched it with neutral Moroccan tiles on the backsplash. This makes the kitchen look roomier than it is.

New Home Design: Sunkissed Retreat
New home design_bedroom full view
New home design_bedroom wardrobes
New home design_bedroom side view
New home design_bedroom dresser

The Routs wanted a dark-coloured wardrobe for their master bedroom. But our designer suggested this rich shade of blue to complement the brightness of the room. The master bedroom gets an abundant supply of sunlight and the mild peach shade of wall paint is set off by sunshine.

New Home Design: Wardrobes Galore
New home design_wardrobes 1
New home design_wardrobes 2

In the kid’s bedroom, the family opted for deep mahogany coloured wardrobes. The space in the centre of the wardrobe is allotted for a sleek study unit. This makes a cosy study for their son as and when he reached school.

New home design_wardrobes 3

In the parents bedroom, they chose a light brown shade of laminate for the wardrobe.

“Mr. and Mrs. Rout were a very friendly couple and had clarity about what they wanted from the design team right from the start. They were very cooperative during the installation process and I am glad that they were happy with the way their home turned out.”

– Saujanya S, Interior Designer, Livspace

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