If you’ve bought a light colored sofa to complement your living room, there’s a good chance that you would have received details on the dimensions and material as well as the wash care instructions. However, daily maintenance tips may be missing.That’s what we are here for. Read on to find out how to maintain light color sofas:

Maintain light color sofas

1. Prevent stains

Do not eat, drink, paint your nails, apply makeup, etc. while sitting on the couch. Food and artificial colors are notorious for leaving permanent stains. Also, if you avoid these activities, with some coaxing, your spouse and kids will follow suit and help maintain light color sofas at home.

2. Regular vacuuming

Vacuum-clean your sofas and surroundings frequently to prevent dirt and dust from settling on them. This will also help maintain the quality of air in the room.

Clean light color sofa
3. Regular cleaning

Daily clean-up is synonymous with everything that is colored in light hues. Light colored sofas are no exception. Apart from your vacuuming routine, get them dusted at regular intervals and wipe the furniture around it to stop dust from accumulating.

4. Shift it or cover it

When you have a party that involves drinks and foods that leave stains, consider temporarily moving your light colored sofa to another room. This may not be viable if your sofa is hefty, so consider investing in some slipcovers to maintain light color sofas.

5. Move it around

Move around your sofa so that sunlight is not directed at one spot all the time. This will ensure that a certain part doesn’t fade quicker than the rest.

Clean light color sofa
(*Disclaimer: The fabric and filler used in the construction of your light colored sofa may play a part in how it reacts to different cleaning methods and solutions. Therefore, consult with a professional before you begin)
6. Change your seat

Don’t choose one place to sit in all the time. Keep shifting, so that your preferred spot does not sag and attract more dirt than others. Fluff the cushions often since light colored sofas show off creases and depressions better than a dark or brightly patterned couch.

7. Take prompt action

If you do spill something on your sofa, act immediately. Use hot water with a mild liquid soap. The trick is to use a white or a neutral cloth so that you don’t have to deal with it bleeding color on your sofa. For more stubborn stains, a solution of vinegar and baking soda can be used*.

As much as a light color sofa is essential to your theme of décor, it is imperative to maintain it correctly to ensure that it serves you for long.