Venturing into the world of buying a property is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. With the right planning, you can minimise the hurdles and turn this experience into a thrilling expedition to find a place to call your own. 

Whether you’re navigating the bustling streets of Mumbai, the historical landscapes of Delhi, or the serene backwaters of Kerala, each region offers a unique tapestry of opportunities and challenges in real estate. In this comprehensive guide with home buying tips, we unveil the important factors you need to consider while buying property in India.

Tip #1 on buying property: Narrow down on the type of property

Before you get into the nitty gritty of how to buy a house, get your Pinterest board ready with the types of property you envision yourself living in. Different residential properties come with their sets of features, advantages and disadvantages.

  • If you’re after a property with facilities and amenities such as gym, pool and sports courts, an apartment in a gated society will be your ideal choice
  • If you have a green thumb, enjoy privacy and love the idea of building your own space from scratch, an independent house or a villa is a great fit
  • You can also go for builder floors, penthouses or studio apartments depending on your needs and preferences. Our advice for first time home buyers is to visit different properties before narrowing down your options

Tip #2 on buying property: Get your budget and cost right

Learn how to purchase a house with budget and cost planning

Budget and cost are pivotal factors when buying a property in India, influencing every aspect of the purchasing process and providing you with a deep understanding of how to purchase a home. A great advice for first time home buyers is to have a clear understanding of one’s budget as it is crucial in determining the range of properties accessible and aids in effective financial planning. 

Budget considerations play a key role in determining loan eligibility, guiding buyers through negotiations, and helping them assess the potential appreciation of the property. Moreover, different locations have varying property values, and setting a budget allows you to align your preferences with your financial constraints while considering factors like accessibility and future development. Overall, a well-defined budget is essential for making informed decisions on how to buy a house, preventing financial strain, and ensuring a sustainable and successful homeownership journey in the diverse real estate landscape of India.

Tip #3 on buying property: Get specific with the location

Want to learn the ins and outs of how to purchase a home? Deep dive into the information about location. We’ve rounded up the tips on how to buy property based on location.


Buying a home for the first time? Namma Bengaluru might be the city for you!

How to buy a house in Bengaluru: Bangalore is known for its vibrant IT industry, influencing property prices. While the central business district is expensive, suburban areas like Whitefield and Electronic City may offer more budget-friendly options.

Tip: Consider upcoming tech parks and metro connectivity when choosing a location; these factors can impact property appreciation.

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Moving to the city of dreams? Check out our handy home buying tips

How to buy a house in Mumbai: Seeking guidance on how to purchase a house in Mumbai? The city’s real estate market is among the costliest in India. South Mumbai is posh but expensive, while the suburbs like Thane and Navi Mumbai may offer relatively affordable options.

Tip: Prioritise proximity to workplaces and transportation hubs to save on commuting time, and explore upcoming areas for potential investment.

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From upscale South Delhi to vibrant NCR gems, learn how to buy a home in Delhi

How to buy a house in Delhi: Delhi’s property market varies widely, with South Delhi being upscale and expensive. Areas like Noida and Gurgaon (now Gurugram) in the National Capital Region (NCR) offer diverse options.

Tip: Take into account factors like proximity to educational institutions, medical facilities, and metro connectivity for a comprehensive assessment of the property.

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Unlock the secrets of buying a house in Hyderabad

How to buy a house in Hyderabad: Curious about learning how to purchase a home in Hyderabad? Hyderabad offers a balanced real estate market for those looking to purchase a home. Areas like Gachibowli and Madhapur are popular for IT professionals, while Kompally may offer affordable options.

Tip: Explore neighbourhoods with good connectivity to IT hubs and the city centre, and factor in upcoming infrastructure projects for potential appreciation.

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Crack the code on house hunting in Chennai

How to buy a house in Chennai: Chennai’s real estate market is relatively stable. Central locations like Anna Nagar and Alwarpet are premium, while OMR and Porur may offer inexpensive choices.

Tip: Consider proximity to the coastline, infrastructure development, and IT corridors when making a decision.

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A slice of paradise in the city of joy

How to buy a house in Kolkata: Wondering how to purchase a home in Kolkata? Kolkata’s real estate is known for its affordability. While South Kolkata is premium, areas like Rajarhat and New Town offer more economical options.

Tip: Evaluate proximity to cultural and educational hubs, transportation facilities, and the overall development trajectory of the area.

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Wondering how to buy a home in Pune? Read on to learn more!

How to buy a house in Pune: Pune’s real estate market is diverse. Areas like Koregaon Park and Kalyani Nagar are premium, while Baner and Hinjewadi offer budget-friendly choices.

Tip: Consider proximity to IT parks, educational institutions, and the cultural vibrancy of the area when choosing a location.

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Check out our real estate tips for buyers in Ahmedabad

How to buy a house in Ahmedabad: Ahmedabad offers a relatively affordable real estate market. Areas like Satellite and Bodakdev are upscale, while Vastrapur and Chandkheda may provide more economical choices.

Tip: Assess the proximity to industrial zones, upcoming developments, and access to amenities when making a decision.

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Tip #4 on buying property: Find a reliable builder brand

Whether you are buying a home for the first time or looking for investment opportunities, choosing the right builder is crucial.

Take your pick from the most trusted builders in India

Tip #5 on buying property: Work on your credit score

Unlock the door to your dream home with a stellar credit score

Credit score plays a monumental role in the process of buying a property. It serves as a key determinant for loan approval, with higher scores increasing the likelihood of securing a home loan. Additionally, a good credit score often results in lower interest rates, providing financial benefits to borrowers.

Tip #6 on buying property: Know the benefits for first-time homebuyers

Start your journey right and explore tips and advice for first time home buyers

Eager to know how to buy property for the first time? Our advice for first time home buyers is to look into the wave of advantages that help you smoothen the process of buying a property. Financial assistance, housing subsidies, tax deductions, access to government-funded schemes and mortgage interest deductions are some of the benefits if you are buying a home for the first time. So, if you’re contemplating how to buy a home and are making that first foray into homeownership, rest assured that a multitude of benefits awaits, paving the way for a smoother and more rewarding journey.

Tip #7 on buying property: Jot down these tips for first time home buyers

Unlock helpful tips on how to purchase property

Interested in learning the ins and outs of how to buy property? Property buying for the first time is a huge task that can be overwhelming at times. We’ve rounded up first time homebuyer tips and advice to help you make better choices. 

Tips for first time home buyers #1: Avail benefits

  • Our advice for first time home buyers is to research and tap into government-sponsored programs offering financial incentives such as tax credits, grants, or subsidised interest rates
  • Explore builder promotions, discounts, or special financing options to maximise cost savings

Tips for first time home buyers #2: Get your financing ready

  • Secure pre-approval for a mortgage to not only streamline your home search but also to gain a clear understanding of your budgetary constraints
  • Diversify your financing options by comparing rates and terms from different lenders

Tips for first time home buyers #3: Location is everything

  • Prioritise locations based on factors such as proximity to workplaces, schools, and other essential amenities
  • Evaluate the long-term growth potential of the chosen area, considering infrastructure developments and economic trends for a forward-thinking investment

Tips for first time home buyers #4: Floor elevation costs

  • Wondering how to purchase a home on the 12th floor? Depending on your location, floor elevation comes with a range of benefits like panoramic views, better air quality, increased privacy and ventilation
  • This also translates to a higher cost which is something you will need to factor in 

Tips for first time home buyers #5: Look for hidden/additional costs

  • Buying a first time home can be a daunting task. Anticipate and budget for hidden costs such as property taxes, maintenance fees, and homeowners’ association dues
  • Conduct a thorough home inspection to uncover potential hidden issues, allowing you to negotiate repairs or adjust your budget accordingly, ensuring a more informed and financially sound home purchase

Tip #8 on buying property: Learn about the costs related to furnishing/renovation

While buying a property, take into consideration the level of furnishing or renovation you will need to undertake. Check out our price guide below for different sized properties:

1BHKModular kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom and dining room₹6,38,609
2BHKModular kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom and dining room₹10,13,198
3BHKModular kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom and dining room₹11,33,106
4BHKModular kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom and dining room₹12,74,505
*All prices mentioned above are excluding 18% GST. These prices are an estimate. Your overall design charges can vary depending on labour charges, material and finish, design, and the size of your home

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Tip #9 on buying property: Check resale value

Let’s turn your property journey into a success story

Buying a property is a major investment and one that will give you good returns if done right. When contemplating how to purchase property, thorough research and due diligence are key. Resale value is a huge factor to consider and you should look into the various factors that determine this value. Infrastructural developments in the area, availability of continuous power supply and electricity, proximity to public transport, schools, hospitals and other amenities and usage of good quality materials will greatly influence the resale value of the property. Additionally, timeless renovation designs and furnishings will also help you sell the property at a good price. 

Tip #10 on buying property: Get legal expertise

Say goodbye to worries with expert legal advice

Legal expertise is an expense you should not shy away from. In a country as vast as India, you will find a range of services which will vary in cost and quality. Ensure you pick the right legal services to help you in making the right decision. They will ensure that approvals have been procured from the respective authorities, and documents have been vetted and steer you clear from any potential litigations and disputes. More importantly, you can rest easy knowing that legal woes will not follow you once the purchase is done. 

Tip #11 on buying property: Seek inspiration for new homes

Most, if not all, homes are built on individual preferences and style. However, if you need some design inspirations for your new or next beautiful home, scroll below for eloquent home designs. 

Home buying tips: Real estate tips for buyers

Save these helpful tips to smoothen your journey of buying a house

To help you answer the question on how to purchase a home, here are some handy real estate tips for buyers. 

  • Think long-term: As exciting as it is to renovate an existing property, this task is something you should save for the last. Take your time with interior designs to ensure that the property is in line with the upcoming trends resulting in long-term returns
  • Get in with the local community: Get a head start on the future development of your neighbourhood. Look out for any potential construction projects that will either benefit you or reduce the resale value. Getting involved with the local community also ensures that your voice is heard in important decisions
  • Understand the schedule: You might have crossed paths with someone who had a terrible experience with the timelines of the project. While delays are almost always inevitable in the industry, keep a close eye on the proposed project plan to ensure that your purchase is done on time
  • Checklists are your best friends: Get organised with different aspects of the buying process to ensure you have clear visibility at all times. It will also ensure that the mammoth task of buying property is broken down into baby steps

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