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The Bookworm’s Dream: 5 Super Stylish Bookshelves

The Bookworm’s Dream: 5 Super Stylish Bookshelves

Whether it’s a potboiler carelessly bought and devoured in the airport lounge or a carefully preserved classic handed down across generations, every book holds a special place in the heart of the true bookworm. While we’ve all moved on to ebooks and Kindle, nothing can compare to the experience of physically holding a much-loved paperback, […]

How To Choose Furniture for Senior Citizens

How To Choose Furniture for Senior Citizens

Comfortable furniture for all!

Scandnavian Furniture

Shopping List I 5 Furniture Pieces For Your Scandinavian Inspired Home

It’s no exaggeration that Scandinavian style inspires simplicity. The aesthetics seem effortless, while the style seems innate. The sheer lightness and tranquility of its form is what makes Scandinavian design so appealing. If you want to recreate Scandinavian interiors, we have some tips for you. Scandinavian homes are usually bright and airy with crisp white […]

blue sofa

Blue is the new grey | Easy-to-maintain sofas that’ll steal your heart

Sofas are one of those key pieces that can anchor a room and enhance the overall setting. But the hard part is styling bold coloured sofas, while light coloured pieces demand maintenance. This is one of the reasons why grey sofas are popular. But grey isn’t exactly exciting. The smart way of choosing a sofa colour […]

Cofee Table Sets

3 Delectable Coffee Table Sets For The Monsoons

Can’t get enough of the welcoming rains and steely skies? Say it with monsoon decor! These refreshing coffee table sets are here to remind you of your favorite season all year long. 1. Indian Monsoon With its low slung profile, the Sloman coffee table lends a laid-back aura to any living room arrangement.  Its glossy table […]

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