Can you tell the difference between curtains and drapes? We almost always use it interchangeably, but there are some key differences.

  • Curtains are fabric panels of varying heights, width and styles that are used to cover up windows. They can be hung on rods, keeping it simple, or decorative or hidden, depending upon preferences.
  • Drapes on the other hand, come with fabric lining to make the curtain heavier and to block out all natural light. They mostly come in solid colours and cover the area from the top of the window to the floor.
  • Shades are made of fabric and can be lifted with a cord, roller or lifting mechanism.These are mostly designed to fit the window perfectly.
  • Blinds are generally made of other materials like PVC, vinyl, aluminium, wood or bamboo and can be lifted or rolled upwards or sideways.

Here are some of our favourite looks and window treatments for your inspiration:

Curtains and Blinds Option #1: V-shaped Blind
Innovative use

This V-shaped Roman blind is an eye-catchy and innovative way to bring in some character to the room. Matched with the colour palette of the bedroom, it blends in harmoniously to the setting.

Curtains and Blinds Option #2: Contrast Colours
Cool blues

Why pick one colour when you can have two? Using two different colours for the drapes and its alternative placement balances the effect and draws immediate attention. Try this at your home and see the difference.

Curtains and Blinds Option #3: Printed Blinds
Colourful prints

The minimalist theme of the bedroom gets a style boost with printed blinds. The orange and green motifs add colour and pattern to an otherwise simple theme.

Curtains and Blinds Option #4: Lone Motif Blinds
Eye-catching details

This is definitely a game changer for your room! This window furnishing amps up the neutral scheme of the room with its vibrant teal shade. The pretty motif also gives it a graceful charm.

Curtains and Blinds Option #5: Mix it Up
A platter of pattens

The curtains and blinds combo can work wonders in giving the perfect contrast to this eclectic room. Playing with oranges and reds, aqua blue blinds with self print add a beautiful visual balance. 

Curtains and Blinds Option #6: Pair Floral Blinds with Neutral Curtains
Focus on florals

Yet another stunning example why curtains and blinds go hand-in-hand. A floral blind matched with dark vanilla drapes blends into the design and is visually soothing in a room that’s done up in bright furnishings.

Curtains and Blinds Option #7: Sheer Curtains and Drapes
A lovely combination

Sheer curtains paired with drapes is definitely in trend now! However, this room has a cosy feel thanks to the window-sized furnishings. Using tiebacks and tassels to keep them in place works wonders to giving your home the natural light it needs, while keeping your privacy intact.

Curtains and Blinds Option #8: Animal Motif Blinds
Add some character

This is definitely one of the best option for your kids’ room. Printed with animal motifs, these blinds give your tiny tot just the amount of view it needs. Due to its vertical opening, the blind can be out of reach from the children as well. So no damage can be done!

Curtains and Blinds Option #9: Pick Half and Half 
Best of both worlds

When you’re just not sure what colour would suit your room, check this curtain design! It all depends on view point as white pervades more than half whereas the pattern is only visible towards the end. So either way this gives a soothing effect. It’s simple in drape but beautiful in print.

Curtains and Blinds Option #10: Neutral Strip Blinds
Simple strip blinds

If you do not like florals or colours, then treat your windows to strip blinds like these in alternating shades. When you are in the mood to enjoy the beautiful view outside, we suggest you to keep these opened and still enjoy the privacy it affords you!

Curtains and Blinds Option #11: Sheer and Opaque Drapes
Let the light in

Sheers never go out of fashion and go very well with almost all interior design styles. If your home enjoys a lot of natural light then do not block it out completely. With opaque drapes, go sheer and usher in the sunlight!

Curtains and Blinds Option #12: Floor to Ceiling Drapes
Add more dimension

Impart some visual height to your home, by opting for floor to ceiling drapes that complement your interiors. Make sure you combine sheer and opaque options and choose colours that are not too overpowering. This will further enlarge the space.

Curtains and Blinds Option #13: Wooden Rolling Blinds
Traditional and stylish

Wooden rolling blinds are perfect for the kitchen or the balcony. If you want your basic kitchen window to look stylish instantly, then we suggest you add some wooden blinds to it. This gives a subtle rustic touch to your interiors.

Curtains and Blinds Option #14: Floral Blinds
Favourite florals

Alternatively, if your interiors have a lot of wood and warmth, then opt for pretty floral blinds with some colour, much like the one here! These blinds make the room look much more cheerful.

Curtains and Blinds Option #15: Horizontal Drapes
Draped differently

Window treatments need not be boring, nor do you have to settle for regular drapes. Take the drape game to another level, by going horizontal with the fabric and adding a hook to create an amazing silhouette.

Curtains and Blinds Option #16: Thin Strip Blinds
Minimal blinds

Another version of the strip blinds, these are perfect for smaller windows, where the normal options just don’t fit, or would crowd the room. Blinds and shades are way more structured and look clean. No more fuss!

Curtains and Blinds Option #17: Cotton Blinds
Classic blinds

Pristine white cotton blinds might sound like a lot of effort and maintenance, but if you are ready to deal with that, these can simply transform spaces, especially compact ones. Elegant and simple, white rolling blinds look stylish.

Curtains and Blinds Option #18: Jute Blinds
Keeping it eco-friendly

If you have an earthy and ethnic theme in your home, you can also opt for jute blinds! Effortlessly rustic and a great add-on to Indian-style interiors, these roller blinds will make your home feel warm and welcoming.

Curtains and Blinds Option #19: Go Double-Sided 
Multi-use decor

We’ve all heard of double-sided clothing and accessories, but double-sided drapes? Take a look at this beauty with one floral printed side and a dark blue contrasting side.Pull up the edges to be hooked on the wall, and voila! Bet you never thought of this one!

Curtains and Blinds Option #20: Dark Translucent Drapes
Dark and light

Don’t want too many layers and prefer a game of peek-a-boo? Then this translucent option is your best bet. Get them in a darker shade, but a lighter fabric. Easy to maintain and pretty to look at!

Curtains and Blinds Option #21: Folding Blinds
Blending into the background

These folding blinds are perfect for smaller windows and spaces like this. You can choose the fabric to complement the colour of the other furnishings.

Curtains and Blinds Option #22: Sober Blinds
Go for neutrals

Your blinds don’t always have to stand out. If your interiors are bright and lively, you can get sober tones for the windows to balance the effect, like these opaque grey blinds.

Curtains and Blinds Option #23: Layer Drapes
Looking luxe

As far as drapes go, this one’s another favourite. It adds drama in drape while keeping it contemporary in colour. Sheer whites have been added to the arrangement for added elegance.

Curtains and Blinds Option #24: Dark Tassels
Boho-chic vibes

This design is easy to drape, inexpensive and pretty! You just need to attach a string of pom-poms to the sides of the fabric to instantly perk up your windows.

Curtains and Blinds Option #25: Sheer White
Modest white

Sheers are clearly in vogue and white does have our vote! Give this look a try for a open an clear look.

Curtains and Blinds Option #26: Sheer Blinds
Sheer style

Blinds in sheer material are another game changer. You can move on from an office setting to something more casual and elegant for home.

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