Window treatments are probably not the first thing on a homeowner’s mind while decorating, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. In fact, curtains and window treatments can make or break a space, so it’s vital that enough attention is paid to them as part of a home’s larger design scheme. To stay on top of trends, pick a window curtain design from these options.

Curtain Design #1: Pencil Pleats

The most common and popular curtain design style

A curtain design with pencil pleats will give your window and room a neater and more organised look. Also, ensure that your pencil pleat curtain design for window matches the aesthetics of the room.

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Curtain Styles for Window #2: Tab Top Styles

A stylish window curtain design

Tab top curtain styles refer to designs where exposed tabs of fabric are drawn through a curtain pole. Such modern curtain designs are quite popular and perfect for contemporary homes.

Modern Curtain Designs #3: Goblet Style

A unique design for your curtains

Goblet-style curtain design window treatments refer to a style where the pleats are folded and tucked in such a way that the top portion looks like a goblet. While unique, this type of curtain design for home is gaining popularity among homeowners.

Simple Curtain Styles #4: Sheer Curtains

Breezy and airy

Want an airy look for your bedroom? Opt for a sheer curtain. This will let in ample sunlight and breeze. Additionally, you can combine such a curtain design with darker ones for privacy.

Curtain Design #5: Pelmet Patterns

Patterns to hide unattractive protrusions

A pelmet is a decorative panel that hides curtain installation elements like rails. Opting for a new curtain design with a pelmet can help hide unattractive rails.

Window Curtain Styles #6: Valance Curtains

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A royal affair

Valance curtain styles are quite similar to pelmet curtains. However, unlike the pelmet curtain designs, which consist of a pelmet, a valance is a piece of fabric used to hide curtain rails. A valance curtain design can make a room look plush and royal.

Curtain Styles #7: Hanging Curtains

A good way to make your room look bigger

Hanging curtain design ideas, especially floor-to-ceiling ones, can make your room look large and spacious. Pair these latest curtain designs for home with sheer curtains for an added airy effect.

Curtain Design #8: Lace Overlay

Dainty and elegant

Lace is always a winner! If you want a curtain design for window that is elegant and subtle, opt for lace overlays on the material. Additionally, choose soft shades like white and pastels.

Curtain Styles #9: Striped

A great option for kids’ room

If you are looking for a trendy curtain design for home, you can choose stripes. A striped curtain is perfect for modern homes. You can also opt for colourful stripes for your kids’ room.

New Curtain Design #10: Colourful Patterns

Fun and quirky patterns

Colours can make a bland space look stunning. For your new curtain design, opt for colourful patterns. This is also a good option for the kids’ room.

Curtain Styles #11: Shower Curtain

For some privacy

Apart from privacy, you should opt for a shower curtain to prevent slippery floors. While selecting curtains for your bathroom, choose waterproof materials instead of cloth.

Curtain Styles #12: Rattan Blinds

A multipurpose option

Rattan blinds are perfect for letting adequate natural light in your room without compromising on privacy. Rattan is essentially a palm that’s used to make furniture and furnishings such as blinds – therefore, these blinds will also give a natural appeal to your room design.

Window Curtain Design #13: Roll-Up Styles

Something modern and unique

Want a curtain that lets in ample sunlight? Opt for roll-up shades that will let in the sunlight during the day. Additionally, these also look very modern, making them perfect for contemporary flats.

Double Curtain Design #14: Custom Patterns

Custom designed for the high ceiling

If you have specific requirements, a custom design is the best option for you. For instance, since this living room has a high ceiling, this double curtain design is customised to encompass the entire length.

Modern Curtain Designs #15: Front Yard Styles

For the perfect view!

Got a stunning garden in your front yard? Opt for curtains that will not block the view through your window. Here, sheer curtains are good options.

Curtain Design #16: Shaded Patterns

Hues of blue

Another lovely option would be to go for shaded curtains. You can choose a colour that matches the theme of your room and opt for similar hues in your curtains.

Curtain Styles #17: Eyelets

Beauty in simplicity

Eyelet curtains consist of deep folds of fabric that are then hung uniformly from top to bottom. Such curtains look simple, sophisticated and clutter-free.

Double Curtain Design #18: Mix and Match

A luxurious bedroom design

Why go with one when you can choose two? You can choose two different types of curtains for a layered effect. However, in such a case, ensure one of the curtains is light.

Curtain Styles #19: Kids’ Bedroom

A fun design for your little one

While selecting curtains for your kids’ bedroom, choose something that is bright, fun and quirky. You can also match the pattern with your wallpaper, as can be seen in this room.

Curtain Design #20: Soft Patterns

A minimal pattern for a simple bedroom

If you want a minimal colour palette for home, choose curtain styles in basic colours with no patterns. For added effect, layer two different types of curtains.

Choose from these gorgeous curtain designs and stun everyone who visit your home.

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