With the growing population in cities, making the best use of space has become a vital consideration while designing Indian homes and apartments. Whether it is a small home or a large one, smart space-saving ideas can maximize available area and help create comfortable layouts. From modular furniture to minimalistic layouts, there are a number of ways in which you can do up compact rooms.

Here, we list some space-saving ideas for Indian homes and apartments that you can implement:

Space saving idea #1: Modular units
Space saving ideas modular units

Indian homes and apartments are usually prone to clutter, since homeowners often end up buying several pieces of furniture. For example, having a separate  TV unit, a wardrobe and a bookshelf in a bedroom will most probably result in congestion. A simple space-saving idea is to opt for a multipurpose modular unit that combines a wardrobe with display space. That way, you can keep the TV, books and other necessary items in one unit without requiring more space.

Space saving idea #2: Dual-function furniture
Space saving ideas dual function furniture

Space-saving furniture pieces with integrated storage are gaining popularity in India. Storage is a key factor in Indian homes, especially when one has generations of families living together. Pick up a bed with storage options including those with drawers and built-in storage compartments inside. Another popular space-saving idea for Indian homes is to get dual function furniture like sofa cum beds, since they can work as seating  during the day and double as a bed at night.

Space saving idea #3: Vertical storage and wall mounted shelves
Space saving ideas wall mounted shelves

Another way to save space in Indian homes is to go vertical with shelves. This accentuates the height of the ceiling, thereby making the room look spacious. Vertical shelves can dramatically solve space issues and also contribute an appealing visual texture to any room. Keeping furniture pieces on the floor is bound to take up space. For bed or a chair, that is something unavoidable. But for certain pieces like a bookshelf or even a table, one can opt for wall-mounted units to save space in a most intelligent way.

Space saving idea #4: Minimalistic Layouts
Space saving ideas minimalist layout

The concept of minimalism is gradually finding its way into Indian homes and apartments, as more urban Indians begin to embrace the idea of “less is more”. Sticking to a minimalist decor is the most logical way to save space in any room. Keep less furniture and do away with any pieces that seem non-essential in the room. Style your living room or bedroom with key pieces that are pragmatic and get rid of any unnecessary furniture.

Space saving idea #5: Built-in appliances in the kitchen
Space saving ideas built in appliances

Opting for built-in appliances in your kitchen is a smart space-saving idea for Indian homes and apartments. Choosing stand-alone appliances is more likely to overwhelm your cooking area.  As an alternative to this, built-in appliances can make the best use of available space and  also enhance aesthetics at the same time. You can incorporate  modular kitchen units to accommodate built-in refrigerators, dishwashers and ovens.

Use these space-saving ideas to creatively make the most of available area in your home.