A child’s bedroom, unlike a regular bedroom, serves a number of purposes. It functions as a study with a desk and shelves to keep books as well as a play area with toys, board games etc. It has to serve as space to rest and recollect too. Essentially, a child tends to spend a lot of time in this room doing different things. Hence, if you believe in vastu shastra, it is imperative to get the vastu for your kids room right. A proper balance of vastu for the kids room ensures that the child enjoys holistic development. So discover the details of how vastu tips for kids room can help your child rest, concentrate, study and play in a positive space.

Vastu Tips for Kids Room #1: Direction

Direction plays a vital role in the science of vastu. And vastu for kids room is not an exception to this rule. It is ideal for a child’s room to face the east, northeast or north. East is the most preferred among these as it means that the room faces the rising sun.

The sun is considered a powerhouse of positive energy in Eastern mysticism, so facing the first rays of the sun will not only encourage the child to become an early riser but also fill the room with positivity. It is advisable for the kids’ room to face open spaces. The basic idea here is to not constrict access to sunlight or the view of the room.

vastu for kids room-brown wallpaper-wooden bed-window seating-cabinet
East-facing rooms are considered to be the best for vastu for kids room
Vastu Tips for Kids Room #2: Lighting

Plenty of natural light pouring into your kid’s bedroom is a huge plus for Vastu and also from the health perspective. After all, sunlight helps kill germs and flushes out toxins. However, if natural light is not available in abundance, you can fix the vastu for your kid’s room by ensuring that it is well-lit using artificial sources.

Ambient lights are the most vastu-compliant instead of sharp focus lights that may cause distraction. However, the child’s study table must have focussed study lamp to instill a sense of focussed effort. Also, lighting must be orchestrated in such a way that the shadow of the child does not fall on his/her books while studying.

vastu for kids room-white-woodwork pink-bed wooden-flooring
The full-length window lets in plenty of natural light, which works wonders for the vastu for kids room
Vastu Tips for Kids Room #3: Furniture

The rules of vastu for kids room apply to the arrangement of furniture inside the room. For example, the bed should not be placed directly opposite to the bathroom door. It is an accepted norm that bathroom is a low energy space that drains the positivity of a space. So the wall adjoining the bathroom  should be ideally left bare.

The study table should not have open, tall shelves stuffed with books. As per the laws of vastu for kids room, it is better to have the bookshelf as a separate entity or have a shuttered bookshelf. This is to ensure the child is not stressed or distracted by the enormity of studies he/she is expected to do. Also, high-back chairs are more likely to result in high-achievers. Moreover, the height of the desk should be in line with the navel of the child to generate positive energy.

vastu for kids room-white-study-table kids-study-cabinet kids-room-wallpaper
The height of the study table has a huge bearing on the conceptual vastu for kids room
Vastu Tips for Kids Room #4: Colours

Colours have a profound effect on our moods and they definitely have an energy of their own. Green is best for the vastu of your kid’s room as it is the colour of nature’s bounty. It is also the colour of growth and prosperity. Moreover, looking at green has a soothing effect on the eyes.

Blue is recommended for hyperactive kids. The inherent tranquility of this colour helps to calm children and temper their worst impulses. Provocative colours like red, orange, purple etc. are not conducive to create good Vastu vibes for kids room.

vastu for kids room-green-wall-paint twin-beds twin-study-tables
Green wall colour has a calming effect on the child as per the rules of vastu for kids room
Vastu Tips for Kids Room #5: Flow of Energy

A space draws its energy from several individual elements like colours, lighting, furniture and others. But the flow of energy relates to the movement of energy from one corner of the room to the other without roadblocks. This flow energy makes the ecosystem dynamic and doesn’t allow stagnation  within a space.

Ideally, a kid’s room should be square or rectangular in shape to represent all four directions and elements of nature. To further facilitate the flow of energy in a room, leave some gaps between the pieces of furniture. Also ensure that the room has no sharp edges that obstruct the movement of energy. Empty spaces and wooden furniture have a thriving effect on the aura of the room.

vastu for kids room-wooden-flooring twin-beds wall-art-kids-room
Empty spaces allow the flow of energy to boost positive vibes within a room
Vastu Tips for Kids Room #6: For Good Luck

Certain objects are considered auspicious as per the rules of vastu. The idol of Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and arts, is one such element. The idol must be kept on a pedestal and a diya lit at her feet to improve concentration.

It might also help to put the achievements of the child such as awards, certificates, trophies etc. on one wall of the room. This would be a constant source of encouragement to the child. Keeping potted indoor plants on the study table is also a positive stride as plants represent growth and rejuvenation.

saraswati-idol brass-bowl floral-decoration
Good luck comes with the goddess of knowledge; an idol of Saraswati is considered auspicious for students

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Vastu Tips for Kids Room #7: Things to Avoid

Clutter is a big no-no as per the rules of vastu for kids room. It is prudent to remove junk like old books, empty packets, pencil shavings and pens without refills from the study area. Also the child’s toys must be stowed away in proper places lest they cause distraction while the child studies. It also makes sense to discard broken old toys before they pile up.

Installing too many gadgets in a child’s room may lead to endless distraction. While a computer can no longer be avoided, television sets can be skipped. The child must not sleep below a low beam as is the case with many bunk beds as it can give rise to panic attacks and claustrophobia. Also, children should be encouraged not to eat while sitting on their bed as it can result in nightmares.

cluttered room wooden-flooring
Cluttered rooms and muddled thoughts go hand-in-hand. So keeping it neat is the best bet as per the rules of vastu for kids room

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