An Urban Chic 3BHK You Will Love

House photos that prove muted colours aren’t boring!


Who livs here: Lovelesh, his wife Manasi and his parents
Location: Hiranandani Hill Crest, Akshaya Nagar, Bengaluru
Size of home: 3BHK spanning 1,300 sq ft
Design team: Interior designer Aparna Bharadwaj with Design Managers Darshan Subhash & Tejaswi Damaraju
Livspace service: Full home design
Budget: ₹₹₹₹

Designing a home isn’t just about creating an aesthetically-pleasing home. It’s also about creating a perfect unwinding space where you can relax and feel your best – a concept that Lovelesh and his family wanted for their brand new home at Hiranandani Hill Crest, Bengaluru.

When they met with our interior designer Aparna Bharadwaj, Lovelesh and his wife Manasi described their dream interiors: contemporary, refreshing and no bright colours. They wanted traditional whites where the focus could be on the colourful paintings they loved. Here’s the tour: 

A blissful entryway
house photos paintings foyer
house photos foyer rafters
house photos shoe cabinet
house photos foyer space

You can sense the refreshing vibe of the home as soon as you walk into the foyer. A subtle light blue wallpaper marks the entryway space with a display unit and shoe cabinet. It also features a minimal bench in white as an immediate seating option. The Loveleshs wanted a clear distinction between their living area and foyer. As a result, Aparna put in wooden rafters painted in white to separate the sections.

A comfy living room
house photos living room
house photos living and dining
house photos living room sofas

Doused in Santorini hues, the living room is the epitome of comfy interiors. While the Loveleshs got the ash grey sofas and centre table from a local shop, Aparna put in a sleek TV unit. Topped off with a laminate finish, the TV is mounted on a backlit panel to add a touch of warmth to the space.

house photos backlit TV
house photos TV
house photos TV painting

Notice the pendant light fixture hanging beside the TV? While adding drama to the corner, this particular space with wooden flooring has been created to display a floor vase. Doesn’t it look beautiful?

On the other side of the TV, Aparna dressed the wall with niches to break the monotony of a plain wall.

Happy Dining
house photos dining room

The dining room is minimal at its best. With a glass table and traditional cushioned wooden chairs, the space appears bright and clean. Since the Loveleshs didn’t want a heavy crockery cabinet, Aparna put in a basic unit in white and grey. To keep the focus on the beautiful paintings, Aparna added a subtle motif wallpaper.

house photos info
Plush Kitchen
house photos kitchen utility
house photos kitchen

When you walk into the kitchen, you would notice that it’s divided into two sections: the main area and the utility space. An interesting fact about the utility space is that it was actually a separate room! Aparna merged the rooms to form a large and efficient kitchen. Also since the original kitchen was a U-shaped layout that didn’t work for them, Aparna had it redone in an L-shaped layout.

house photos kitchen base units
house photos base units fridge

Much like the rest of the home, the kitchen too features a false ceiling. Both the pristine white upper cabinets and deep grey base units have been topped off in acrylic. The profile lighting under the wall cabinets elevate the beauty of the space. Also, to keep up with the plush kitchen, the countertop is in sleek Kalinga stone.

house photos kitchen storage
house photos kitchen microwave

Notice the deep mustard backsplash? Glass tiles for the backsplash adds an interesting touch to the kitchen. Along with cabinets all-around, wicker baskets and a tall unit with built-in microwave make up for storage.

A dreamy passage
house photos passage

With slabs of false ceiling leading your way to the bedrooms, the passage is an instant stunner. Fun fact: Mr. Lovelesh wanted to place a dart board in the bedroom and practice throwing darts from the living room through the long passage. The drama created in this space sure is a conversation-starter!

Unwind in style
house photos bedroom entrance
house photos bed
house photos master bedroom 3D panel
house photos master bedroom side table
house photos master bedroom UV light

Walking into the bedroom, you would be greeted by an intriguing 3D panel for the centre wall. The niche in the middle gives it an extra bit of dimension. Take a moment to also notice the pendant lights on either side of the bed. These UV light drops have no problem setting the ambience in the bedroom!

house photos master bedroom TV
house photos master bedroom
house photos master bedroom vanity corner

Opposite the bed, a compact replica of the TV unit from the living room is mounted on the wall. While the dressing unit was from a local shop, Aparna crafted the niche in which the unit is neatly tucked in.

The smoke grey wardrobes have been topped off with a laminate finish for a plush appeal. The sliding door wardrobe has been crafted with a lot of drawers for ease of use.

Floral Dreams
house photos bedroom
house photos bedroom white panel floral wall
house photos bedroom grey wall

The parents’ bedroom is an ode to floral interiors. While compact in size, it holds all the essentials comfortably. Notice the dreamy backdrop? It’s got white panelling in the bottom half and a subtle lilac wallpaper in the top half.

house photos bedroom vanity corner
house photos UV panel wardrobe

The vanity unit and wardrobe have been topped off in UV panel for a sleek look.

Cozy Study
house photos study room
house photos window seat

Since the Loveleshs work from home quite often, they wanted a comfy office space for their home. As a result, Aparna created a warm-hued and clutter-free working space. To take advantage of being on the 17th floor, Aparna put in a cushioned window bench. So they could curl up with a book and an morning cuppa. It’s also got storage under to keep knick-knacks.

house photos window seat bookshelf
house photos study room sofa

If you notice carefully, you would see the seating is aligned with the study table to form an L shape. On the other end of the seat, Aparna crafted a bookshelf that fits in perfect for the space. The pristine white study table done up in membrane and the soothing coat of mint green paint sets a calm ambience.

house photos family

“I enjoyed working with the Loveleshs. It was fun creating a modern home with muted colours and I’m happy with the outcome!”

– Aparna Bharadwaj, Interior Designer, Livspace

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