5 Fabulous Color Schemes For Your Kitchen

Modular kitchens are slowly becoming a norm in Indian homes. And they come in a variety of styles! Contrasting blends of warm and cool colors, neutral palettes made adventurous with solid streaks etc. –  these color schemes for your kitchen will convert the soul of your home into a stunning space that is sure to stimulate the senses and evoke emotion.

Kitchen Color Scheme #1: Playing it natural

Color Schemes For Your Kitchen

Laminated oak panels used on the cabinets and kitchen island add a warm, earthy touch to this Scandinavian-inspired kitchen. The double level wall cabinetry, a helpful add-on for Indian kitchens, imposes the upper half and livens things up nicely, making one feel close to nature.

The kitchen’s lower cabinets in slate grey along with the flint colored flooring and refrigerator add a smoky, demure feel to the cooking space. Adding gravitas to this modern Indian kitchen is the use of cream on the backsplash. It brings the two sets of cabinets together while contributing to the kitchen’s organic feel.

White on the walls, countertop and kitchen stools work as accents, making the space look larger while creating a serene effect.

Color scheme: Soft Maple Brown, Slate Grey, Flint, Cream

Kitchen color scheme #2: A twist to classic neutrals

Color Schemes For Your Kitchen

A dash of yellow adds a refreshing touch to this kitchen, soaked in neutral hues. The eye-catching lemon yellow used on the upper cabinets perks up the mood and creates an airy effect when juxtaposed with the sea of rich, glossy black cabinets below.

Even as grey and white dominate the kitchen island, countertop, fridge and flooring, the patterned backsplash in grey helps break the monochrome and adds a touch of flamboyance. It spreads across the length of the kitchen and extends to the upper cabinets, adding visual interest

Hints of mustard yellow on the counter stools and overhead lighting contribute to the overall lightness of this contemporary style Indian kitchen.

Color scheme: Obsidian Black, Pigeon Grey, Lemon Yellow, Stucco White

Kitchen color scheme #3: Making a statement

Color Schemes For Your Kitchen

A solid block of cobalt blue used on the kitchen’s cabinets and drawers adds excitement and a whole new energy to the kitchen. In this color scheme, whites and lots of natural light work as the perfect background for the crisp, handsome color to stand out.

Neutral tones of white and grey used on the tiled backsplash add a touch of old world charm to this urban space. The kitchen is made to look homely with the use of laminated oak cabinets on the top.

This cosy kitchen area can be spruced up with plants which will infuse life into the space.

Color scheme: Cobalt Blue, Bone White, Coin Grey

Kitchen color scheme #4: Stylishly unconventional

Color Schemes For Your Kitchen

In this naturally-lit kitchen, charcoal grey cabinets beautifully ground the space while adding a rich, elegant feel. A dash of pickle green on the upper cabinets enhance the visual lightness, giving the space an eclectic, homely vibe.

Open shelving on top prevents the room from feeling boxed in while sleek metal finishes on the cabinet handles along with the fridge and oven set a modern tone. This beautiful medley of colors and textures is further complemented by a multi-hued wood panelled flooring that gives the space an overall warm feel.

Color scheme: Charcoal Grey, Pickle Green, Silver, Cloud Grey, Cedar

Kitchen color scheme #5: Pep up earthy hues

Color Schemes For Your Kitchen

Pairing rich, earthy colors with a splash of vibrant citrus hues can result in out-of-the-box color schemes that work very well in medium to large size Indian kitchens. Tiger orange cabinets brighten up this spacious kitchen, reflecting sunlight across the room. Larger chocolate brown cabinets add a luxurious touch and balance the effect.

The cream colored backsplash pairs beautifully with the citrus orange while white on the countertop, island and kitchen floor ties together the entire look.

This modern kitchen’s versatile color scheme can be spruced with dark grey and natural green accents.

Color scheme: Tiger Orange, Chocolate Brown, Cream, Stucco White

So the next time you’re renovating, try out these exciting color schemes for your kitchen for a whole new look.

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