Over the years, real estate requirements have changed drastically. As people transitioned from big, joint families to smaller, nuclear units, there was a shift from large houses to more compact 2BHK and 3BHK flats. Additionally, in cities like Mumbai where there’s a significant space crunch, compact 2BHKs are always the winner. If you have just bought your own 2BHK flat (or plan to buy one), you must be on the lookout for 2BHK home interior design tips and tricks. So, take a look at these 10 2BHK homes by Livspace from different cities and steal some tips.

#1: Compact 620 sq. ft. 2BHK Home Interior Design in Mumbai

Soothing shades rule in this Mumbai home
Mirror panels create the illusion of space
Plus, it makes the most of the bay window with seating

Who Livs here: Arun Jaiswal with his family
Location: Mumbai
Size: 620 sq. ft. approx.
Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

In India’s maximum city, Mumbai, a 620 sq. ft. 2BHK is quite a regular affair. While designing such a small 2BHK, it’s important to keep several things in mind, like its aesthetics, space optimisation and storage solutions. But with some smart design hacks, even a compact 2BHK home interior design can look spacious.

Design Hacks You Must Steal

  • Use mirrors to create the illusion of space
  • Make the most of vertical storage
  • Opt for a soft and neutral colour palette to open up the space
  • Convert unconventional spaces into seating, like a bay window seating

#2: A Contemporary 2BHK in Mumbai That Is Perfect for Millennials

A contemporary home for a young couple
The blue flows in from the living room to the bedroom to maintain design continuity
A pooja room in a niche

Who Livs here: Meghna Duarah and Nikhil Pande
Location: Mumbai
Size: 850 sq. ft. approx.
Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Young, 30-something-year-olds no longer seem to be waiting to live their dreams! More and more millennials are buying their dream home in their 30s, and the interior design style that’s most loved by this generation happens to be the contemporary one. Here’s how to get the perfect contemporary 2BHK home interior design for millennials.

Design Hacks You Must Steal

  • A fuss-free and functional design where everything serves a purpose
  • Couches, cosy nooks and comfy elements
  • Easy-to-clean and low-maintenance surfaces
  • Space-saving designs
  • Ample space for growth
  • Experiment with colours

#3: Colourful and Budgeted 2BHK Home Interior Design in Noida

A vivid living room for this happy couple
Bookmark this gorgeous wallpaper!
This neutral bedroom, keeping it simple and elegant

Who Livs here: Aditya Gupta and Swati Ahlawat
Location: Noida
Size: 1000+ sq. ft. approx.
Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Something colourful, something soothing and something within budget—these were the three things that Aditya and Swati wanted for their 2BHK home interior design. We love how zesty, vivid and elegant this home is – and it’s all within budget!

Design Hacks You Must Steal

  • Use lighting like pendant lights and LED strip lights to amp up the look on a budget
  • Opt for pretty wallpapers that bring down the cost while making your room look vibrant
  • Use a mix of bold and neutral colours so as not to overpower the look

#4: A Pet-Friendly 2BHK Home Interior Design in Ghaziabad

This room was specially designed for those adorable furballs
Pretty in pink
Create a memory wall with old photos

Who Livs Here: Sushmita Parai and Faizan Jaleel with their cat Tinkerbells and dogs Lafunder and November
Location: Ghaziabad
Size: 925 sq. ft. approx.
Budget: ₹₹₹

Be it a hooman or a furball, a home should be comfortable for all! This 2BHK home interior design in Ghaziabad is unique in the sense that it has been specially designed to provide ample space to Sushmita and Faizan’s kids, their cat and their dogs. Here’s how to get a pet-friendly and functional home.

Design Hacks You Must Steal

  • Opt for scratch-resistant furniture and furnishings
  • Go for an uncluttered design
  • Use nested stools instead of large furniture to provide ample space for your pets

#5: A Stylish and Economical Design for This 2BHK Flat in Pune

The perfect kid’s room for a growing boy
The mirrored crockery unit makes this space look bigger
The family refurbished the sofa to cut down costs

Who Livs Here: Taruna Sharma with her husband and son
Location: Pune
Size: 800 sq. ft. approx.
Budget: ₹₹₹₹

Taruna Sharma was looking for 2BHK design ideas that would make her home look spacious and bright, within a budget. Here’s some design inspiration from this contemporary and economical 2BHK home interior design in Pune.

Design Hacks You Must Steal

  • Use space-efficient storage units
  • Opt for laminate finishes to bring down your cost
  • Refurbish your old furniture to stick to your budget
  • Go for a U-shaped kitchen, that will give you more storage

#6: A Budget Home Interior Design in Pune

A happy home for a happy family
All you need is a table and a chair to create your perfect WFH setup
A pop of cheery yellow can liven up your days

Who Livs here: Khushboo Sharma with her husband and son
Location: Pune
Size: 900 sq. ft. approx.
Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Renovating a home can be a challenge, considering civil work and layout changes. After living in their 2BHK for more than six years, Khushboo and her family wanted a change—something bright and cheerful to reflect their personalities. Here’s what they did.

Design Hacks You Must Steal

  • Add a metal partition to segregate spaces and decorate it with plants
  • Opt for one, vivid colour that dominates the entire 2BHK home interior design
  • Play it up with unique lighting
  • Choose multifunctional furniture

#7: A Bengaluru 2BHK Designed in Just 1 Month

A vibrant home delivered in just 30 days
This breakfast bar comes with storage
How unique is this partition-plus-pooja unit with storage

Who Livs here: Karthik Kumar and his wife
Location: Bengaluru
Size: 800 sq. ft. approx.
Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

Compact but space-efficient, budgeted within ₹9 lakh and delivered in only 30 days—this 2BHK is the epitome of perfection! Karthik and his wife were very clear about what they wanted from their flat—a homely design that does not look like a hotel, while being budget-friendly and following their tight timeline.

Design Hacks You Must Steal

  • Add seating with your storage units
  • Place a pooja unit with your partition if you lack the space for a separate mandir
  • Opt for bare walls and vibrant upholstery
  • Add extra storage to your breakfast bar

#8: Vibrant and Bohemian 2BHK Home Interior Design in Bengaluru

Find floral beauty in abundance
A home that reminds you of forests and flowers
A pop of blue goes a long way in making a basic room look vibrant

Who Livs here: Sunidhi Trivedi with her husband
Location: Bengaluru
Size: 1,900 sq. ft. approx.
Budget: ₹₹₹₹₹

When Sunidhi and her husband met a Livspace designer with reference images for her home, our designer could immediately tell that the couple wanted a casual boho-chic design. Lively and colourful, this 2BHK was designed with the help of 3D images.

Design Hacks You Must Steal

  • Use bright wallpapers and wall trims with chevron patterns for a unique look
  • If you are using colourful decor, keep the main theme of the room white
  • Maintain design continuity throughout the rooms by following a single colour family

#9: A Hyderabad 2BHK Home Interior Design With Maximum Storage

Storage around your bed
Some extra storage units
Watermark 27
And a custom pooja unit with storage

Who Livs here: Vivek and Bhanupriya with their daughter
Location: Hyderabad
Size: 1,300 sq. ft. approx.
Budget: ₹₹₹

When you have a baby, your storage needs tend to go up. As such, Vivek and Bhanupriya wanted their 2BHK home interior design to have maximum storage to account for the memories they had gathered over the years as well as their growing daughter.

Design Hacks You Must Steal

  • Use vertical shelves for extra storage
  • A mix of open and closed storage will make the space look bigger
  • Make use of any niches in your 2BHK by customising storage units that fit right in
  • If you don’t have the budget for a pantry pull-out, go for a mid-tall unit
  • Add storage to your headboard wall around your bed

#10: A Child-Friendly 2BHK Home Interior Design in Chennai

A sleek and modern kitchen
Double wardrobes fit into a corner
Maximum storage in this kitchen

Who Livs here: Erudhaya Priya with her family
Location: Chennai
Size: 2BHK
Budget: ₹₹₹₹

One of the primary requirements for most young, millennial homeowners is to have a functional and fuss-free home, especially if there are kids in the house. This was the case for Erudhaya Priya and her husband, a young couple with a small baby. The main thing that they wanted for their 2BHK home interior design was a practical and child-friendly design.

Design Hacks You Must Steal

  • Add multiple workable countertops in the kitchen
  • Use handleless cabinets, for they are a child-friendly option
  • Opt for a fitted wardrobe to help you maximise space

We hope these 2BHK homes designed by Livspace inspired you. If you are looking for more 2BHK design inspiration, check this.

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